At a Theater Near You: Food, Inc.

Food Inc. Movie PosterMore and more people are questioning where their food comes from all the time, especially in light of the recent increase of recent food-borne illnesses from E. Coli and other bacteria.  In addition, obesity and secondary health problems are on the rise.  Given all of the media attention on food, the release of a new documentary called Food, Inc. seems incredibly timely.  The movie, produced by Robert Kenner and Eric Schlosser (of Fast Food Nation), has been in the works for about six years and includes interviews and information on food regulations.

The movie posits that profit is the highest priority of the food industry – above and beyond consumers’ health or farmers’ needs.  The movie features experts such as food author Michael Pollan and Gary Hirshbirg, founder of Stonyfield Farm, producer of organic yogurts and other foods.  After discussing the problems today, the movie is to discuss the future of food.  The movie opens in limited release on June 12 and has further showings around the country starting on June 19 – show times are available on the Food, Inc. website

I’m eager to see the film to learn more about the food industry and to hear the possible solutions.  Supposedly, the movie also delves into the horrors of processed foods – I agree that whole foods are better, but feel most things are fine in moderation – I’m curious to see if the film changes my mind.


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  • Alana

    The sad thing about this is that there is so much more scary stuff in food than this movie can even begin to document. Here are some things you should investigate for your readers.

    Ben and Jerry’s and Breyers ice cream owned by major food and personal care products multinational Unilever contains genetically mutated fish proteins.

    All that Horizon organic milk comes from a huge factory farm in Colorado where thousands of cows suffer in confinement. They are knee deep in their own waste and all of that gets on the udder where their milk comes out.

    The dairy farms use hormones to synchronize the menstreul cycles of the cows so they can get them all pregnant at once. That makes our daughters have prematurely over enlarged breasts. Then the cows have their babies and all the boy babies are taken away and killed. The girls are pulled away and raised for the same miserable life as their mothers. Visit a big dairy farm, you’ll see it.

    Fruits contain terminator technology. Seedless watermelon and grapes are rendered sterile through genetic manipulation. Farmers have to go back to the big corporations to get new seeds each year.

    Its the same thing with corn. It’s all hybrids. You can save the seeds for the next year, but they dont’ grow very well and you have to go back and buy more.

    All bananas come from genetic clones!

    Maybe you are a foodie and like fine wine . . . the grape vines are fused to roots from completely different species, talk about frankenfood! This is so unnatural.

    Even organic food often comes from crops that have been genetically modified by gamma radiation. It’s called mutagenesis. They just keep making random mutations until they get something that seems new and different that they like and go with it. People shopping at Whole Foods are putting this stuff in their bodies and don’t even know it!

    Vegetable crops are fertilized with fecal matter. Think about that next time you eat a salad.

    Almost none of the produce in the grocery story, even if it is supposedly organic, can be found in nature. Think about that. Even all those fresh fruits and veggies have been tampered with. Nothing we eat is the way nature made it unless we go and get it from the wild and grow it ourselves.

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