A Soft Spot for Pretzels

My husband is a soft pretzel aficianado…perhaps because he lived outside of NYC when he was a child, where he had access to the real deal.  Most pretzels just don’t stack up, though – too sweet or too salty – they just don’t taste like the classic NY ones that my husband loves.

In an attempt to recreate a piece of my husband’s childhood, I ordered Dutch Country Soft Pretzel Mix for him awhile back.  The other day he eagerly opened the mix, prepared it, let it rise, and baked them to perfection.  Aside from the expected stickiness that occurred when he attempted to roll and shape them, they were easy to prepare and tasted great.  The highest praise I can think of is to say that I loved them, and I am not much of a pretzel lover at all…perhaps because I never had the good ones!  They are equal parts chewy and soft but they maintain their inherent pretzel-ness and won’t be mistaken for bread.  They’re great dipped in mustard or other condiments, but are equally great on their own.  And, despite having to mail order them, they are still a reasonably priced snack mix – knot to worry!


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